Workshops and Presentations for Parents/Professionals

Dr. Donna Pincus and the staff of the Child Anxiety Network have expertise in conducting professional multimedia workshops and presentations for groups interested in learning about anxiety in children. The workshops and presentations can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Possible topics for a presentation or workshop include:

  • Treatment of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents
  • Specialized parenting techniques
  • Stress and its effects on children
  • Helping children cope with anxiety in the school setting
  • Panic attacks: How to beat the cycle of anxiety
  • Why is my child so anxious? Causes of anxiety and its disorders
  • Nurturing your child: Techniques for promoting warmth, and healthy interactions between children and parents

Dr. Donna Pincus conducting a recent all day workshop on child anxiety disorders and their treatment in New York. This seminar was attended by over 200 mental health professionals.


Would you like to have Dr. Pincus speak to your organization?

If you would like to receive information on how you can sponsor a seminar or workshop in your area by Dr. Donna Pincus please contact us via email:

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